When in Rome | The PaceWhen in Rome | The PaceWhen in Rome | The Pace

When in Rome | The PaceWhen in Rome | The PaceWhen in Rome | The PaceWhen in Rome | The PaceWhen in Rome | The PaceWhen in Rome | The Pace

Eric and I just got back from the most incredible trip to Rome. I studied abroad there three years ago (can’t believe it’s already been three years!) and ever since returning to the U.S., I have been dying to go back. Eric is also a big fan of Italy (he even speaks a little Italian!), so when the opportunity arose for us to go back for a short visit, we jumped at the chance.

Because I already spent several months living in Rome, and Eric has also visited the city several times, this trip was different than many others I’ve been on. Instead of focusing on cramming in tons of sightseeing and checking as many boxes off the must-see and must-do lists as possible, we focused on enjoying a city we have both grown to love. We revisited old favorites, explored new places, and made the most wonderful memories along the way.

Our trip was short, but absolutely perfect: full of so many moments that I will cherish forever. Today, I’m sharing just a few of my favorite moments from four day stay in Rome.

1. Visit to the Trevi Fountain

When I lived in Rome three years ago, the Trevi Fountain was under construction. The other students on the trip and I were so disappointed that we weren’t able to experience such a beloved and beautiful Roman landmark and throw in our coins to make a wish. Gyped from my Lizzie McGuire Movie moment before, finally seeing the Trevi Fountain and making a wish was one of the things I was most looking forward to on this trip. Fortunately, our Airbnb was located just a short walk from the fountain, so not only did we make a point to visit on our first day, we had the opportunity to come back multiple times to experience it’s beauty. One evening, we even brought a bottle of wine and sat by the Trevi Fountain after peak hours to sip our wine, talk, and meet other tourists from around the world. In a way, I’m grateful that I wasn’t able to experience the Trevi Fountain in the past. The long anticipation and opportunity to experience it for the first time with Eric added so much excitement and meaning to the moment.

2. Dinner at Osteria Barberini

BEST Meal in Rome | The PaceBEST Meal in Rome | The Pace

As you can see in this post from Eric’s visit to Rome during my semester abroad, Osteria Barberini already held a special place in our hearts. Even though our first meal there occurred almost three years ago, we still talk about it as one of our favorite meals we have ever had. We knew that this trip to Rome would not be complete without another dinner at Osteria Barberini and two more plates of its famous Black Truffle Pasta. Three years later, this meal was even better than I remembered, and I can confidently say this pasta dish is the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. If you are planning a trip to Rome, you must make this charming, 40-seat restaurant part of your experience.

3. Visit with my Italian Family

When in Rome | The Pace

During my semester abroad, I spent one night every week with an Italian family. We enjoyed the most delicious home cooked meals, talked and learned about each others’ cultures, and practiced English with the family’s eight-year-old daughter. I grew so close with this loving, generous, kind family and was so sad to say goodbye to them when I headed back to the U.S. Being back in their neighborhood, their familiar apartment, and having the opportunity to catch up on the past few years was such an incredible blessing. It was amazing to see how much the eight-year-old I knew grew and learned during the time apart. Now, at almost 11 years-old, it was wonderful to see her speaking and understanding English so well and excelling in her school work and extracurricular activities. I feel so fortunate that I have a family and home in which I can find comfort and familiarity in a foreign city and am so thankful for the kind welcome I always receive for them.

4. Time Together

When in Rome | The Pace

I don’t want to get too sappy, personal or long-winded: I could write about the special moments of this trip forever. But one thing all of these moments have in common is our time together. Running along the Tiber River each morning, drinking countless doppio cafe (for him) and Americano (for me!), sitting on the Spanish Steps, at Piazza Navona,and Piazza del Popolo, taking in the grandeur and history of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, drinking Peroni, Aperol Spritz, and tons of wine, indulging in pizza, pasta, gelato, and tiramisu, exploring as many cafes, bars, restaurants, and little shops as physically possible… all of these memories are perfect because of who I shared them with.

Reaching the end of such a perfect trip was sad, but the memories I have make me almost as happy as I was as we took our first bites of pasta and sips of wine just a few days ago. Moments like these are impossible for me to hold in entirely, so I hope you enjoyed reading about just a few of my fondest from our trip.

As always, thanks for reading!

Baci, baci,


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