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Get your heart-eye emojis  ready and turn on those sappy love songs…Valentine’s Day is only a few days away! Without planning it, Eric and I kind of turned the entire month into a V-Day celebration. We recently got back from an incredible trip to Rome, Eric cooked us the most delicious dinner last Saturday night, and on Friday, we are seeing one of our favorite artists in concert. Because of so many fun and exciting happenings this month, we plan to keep Valentine’s Day itself a bit more low-key with a casual dinner in.

But this holiday is about a lot more than romantic relationships: it’s about love. Love is present in our lives in a variety of ways. For example, the way I love my mom is different from the way I love my cycling instructors. I believe that Valentine’s Day and this entire month in general should be a time for celebrating all types of love and reflecting on why the people in our lives matter to us.

This week, I’m also focusing on spreading love. Living in New York, I experience a good bit of negativity throughout my day-to-day routine: People yelling at each other on crammed subway cars, angry drivers honking their horns on the streets, and pedestrians scolding bicyclists for almost hitting them as they speed by. It’s easy to get caught up in this negative attitude, but it really only takes a little bit of extra effort to be a positive light in these situations instead. Say good morning to the man selling copies of AM New York outside your subway station, tell the other elevators passengers to “have a good day!” as you exit for your floor, thank the salad artist making your Sweetgreen salad by name.

Another goal of mine lately has been to verbalize the positive thoughts that come to mind. If I notice a co-worker doing amazing things at work or find myself obsessing over the jacket the woman sitting next to me on the subway is wearing, I should tell them. Positive energy and love is spread when it’s verbalized and put out into the world. Then, it becomes contagious.

I wish you a love-filled Valentine’s Day and encourage you to make the extra effort to spread love to both strangers and those closest to your heart.



Scallop Black Dress (c/o Shein)

Photos by: Laine Erynn



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