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When I first saw this bomber jacket by Kaer, I was obsessed…the colors, the print, the boldness: everything about it was calling my name. But at the same time, it scared me a little. I had never worn anything so vibrant before! But I loved it, so I swallowed my reservations about standing out too much (but hey, this is New York, so is that even possible?) and stepped out in this amazing jacket to bring some much needed color to the world around me.

In my life lately, there have been a lot of moments that remind me of my experience with this unique and exciting jacket. And although it might be silly to compare my work and personal life to a piece of clothing, I think there is a common thread here that is worth discussing.

Ever since moving to New York City, I have faced many situations where I am required to step outside of my comfort zone…where I am pushed to take on new challenges and experiences. At work, I’m pushed to take on more responsibility than I have ever had (or thought I would have at the age of 23). For my blog, I’m pushed to attend events where the intimidating task of mingling with strangers is the key to success. I’m pushed to find my way home when my usual subway line shuts down (and I’m already tipsy off a couple glasses of wine), I’m pushed to maintain my fitness even if it means waking up at 5:45 am to go to the gym, and I’m pushed to explore this incredible city on a weekday instead of just coming home from a busy workday to watch Netflix.

Sometimes reaching past my level of comfort leads me straight into a sobbing fit on a crowded subway car, but other times, it brings me uncontainable joy that makes me smile from ear-to-ear as I walk the streets in the pouring rain. But no matter what side of the rollercoaster I’m on, I know I’ll be okay, because ultimately…I am in controlI’m the one pushing myself. I’m the one stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’m the one who is accepting the challenges and celebrating the rewards that come along with these decisions.

When I wear this jacket—unique, bold and beautiful—I am reminded that the choices I make can and should be just that: special, brave and magnificent. I’m a 23 year-old-woman living in the most thrilling and dynamic city in the world, and I have no time for comfort zones.

Bomber Jacket c/o Kaer Brooklyn

Be sure to stop by Kaer’s Pop-Up Shop in Chelsea Market until November 6 or shop online!






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  1. I absolutely love the message of this post. Stepping out of my comfort zone often scares the sh*t out of me, but I love your perspective. You’re killing it girl, keep on rockin it.


  2. I absolutely love the message of this post. Stepping outside of my comfort zone scares the sh*t out of me, but I love your perspective on it. You’re killing it girl, keep rockin it.


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