No matter where you are on your fitness journey, there isn’t one person who doesn’t need some gym motivation from time-to-time. Waking up early to go to the gym every morning it’s always easy, so I’ve developed several tips and tricks over the years to get myself excited about putting on my workout gear and getting out the door. Today, I’m sharing some of the motivational tools I use throughout my fitness journey. Hopefully, you’ll find some fitspo in the tips below 🙂

Gym Motivation | The PaceGym Motivation | The Pace


Switch Up Your Reps

No one blames you for not wanting to do the same circuit of squats, deadlifts, and lunges three times a week. Not only is this boring, but it doesn’t give your body the challenge and diversity it needs to grow stronger. Try switching up your circuit patterns. Try a ladder pattern – starting with a high number of reps and working your way down  (for example, 20 deadlifts, 20 squats; 16 deadlifts, 16 squats; 8 deadlifts, 8 squats) – or challenge yourself to timed back-to-back burnout rounds (for example, 45 seconds of deadlifts, 45 seconds of squats, 45 seconds of lunges with no break). Changing up your rep patterns keeps you both mentally and physically alert, resulting in a much more exciting and efficient workout.

Gym Motivation | The Pace

Get Pumped About Your Fuel

Food is fuel. This is something I am constantly reminding myself. What we put in our bodies gives us the energy and ability to complete our daily tasks and allows us to sweat it out at the gym. Food and fitness are not enemies – actually, it’s the opposite! Instead of thinking of food as the end goal to a workout (“I’m gonna go to the gym today so I can eat an extra-large serving of french fries for lunch”) consider food as a key component to a successful fitness regiment (“I’m going to make a lunch full of veggies and healthy grains and proteins so that I can get the most out of my next workout.”) This doesn’t mean that every single thing we put into our bodies has to benefit us at the gym, but if we start to consider food as fuel, it’s easier to view these two components of healthy living as the perfect pair that they are.

Gym Motivation | The Pace

Curate YOUR Perfect Soundtrack

The beauty of the gym is that even in a facility of hundreds of other sweaty people, you are on a solo mission. At the gym, everyone is focused on themselves and their goals. This means you have the privilege of listening to whatever music pumps you up – without judgement. If you happen to be a forty-year-old man who loves running on the treadmill to Britney Spears, go for it! If you’re a small blonde girl who occasionally puts on a playlist of intense rap and screamo-music while lifting weights, no one can judge you (not that I’m speaking from experience 😉 )! Curate gym playlists that get you pumped about pushing yourself to the limit and know your “go-to” songs that will keep you going, even through the toughest routines. Music is such a powerful source of motivation and energy; use it!

Gym Motivation | The Pace

YOU Time

Make your gym time your ultimate YOU time. At school, work, and in relationships, you will fail, you will not always be right, and you will face challenges and obstacles. But the gym is where you can take those failures and challenges and turn them into something positive. Get your anger out. Allow the obstacles you face outside of the gym to make you stronger, mentally, emotionally, and physically. You aren’t always in charge of what happens in the office or in your relationships, but you can be charge of your body. Own it and make it positive.

What motivates you to break a sweat?



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