You live under the same roof. You share a kitchen, a refrigerator, a bathroom, possibly even a room! Yet you still clicked on this blog post, hoping to find the perfect gift for the person who sees you when you’re heading out the door for a night out looking fabulous and when you’re crawling out of bed the morning after. Today, I’m sharing gifts that will show your roommate how much you appreciate her for putting up with all of your quirks and will give you brownie points for the next time you want to host a pregame or invite your friends from out of town to sleep on the futon. Oh, and a disclaimer…if my roommate is reading this, yes I got you an amazing gift but no it’s not any of these 😉

You’re used to sharing everything, but give her roomie something that is fully her! Whether your roommate is a coffee lover or prefers something a bit harder, these monogrammed coffee mugs and wine glasses are the perfect way to give the gift of personal space. Complete the gift with a french press, which is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Your roommate will thank you for all of the money she saves by not going to Starbucks every day. In the wintertime, nothing is better than feeling warm and cozy inside your apartment. Give the gift of comfort with these adorable slippers or fuzzy sweater. Finally, add an extra bounce to her step by gifting her the latest accessories, like this marble phone case and Kate Spade earrings.

Screenshot 2017-11-24 at 3.52.26 PM


Monogram Coffee Mug ($9.99) / Monogram Wine Mug (On Sale for $24.99) / Kate Spade Earrings ($32.99) / Knit Sweater ($24.99) / Cozy Slippers ($24.99) / Phone Case ($26.04) / French Press ($19.09)

Writing this post has made me even more excited about the gift I scored for my roommate on Black Friday! I can’t wait to give it to her while sipping hot spiked cider 🙂 What are you getting your roommate for the holidays? Do you have a fun gift exchange planned?




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