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Summer Fun in NYC (For Under $15!)

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Summer has a way of making everyone more social. All of a sudden, the friends who responded to your texts all winter with a “I think I’m just gonna stay in tonight…” are now hitting you up for happy hour. There’s nothing better than enjoying a glass of rose with your crew after a long day at work, dining al fresco with your S/O on a Friday night, or catching up with an old friends over margaritas and guacamole, but unfortunately, those meals and drinks can start to add up in the dollar department.

This summer, I’ve been trying to find a balance between meals and drinks out and more affordable alternatives that are just as fun. Today, I’m sharing a few of the ways I have been able to get the most out of this season without totally breaking the bank. These activities are based in New York, but for my friends outside of the city, most of these can be transplanted anywhere!

The Rockaways

You don’t have to spend big bucks for a beach giveaway. During the long Fourth of July weekend, my friends and I made a day trip to Rockaway Beach in Queens (highlights from the day in the photos above!). I was dying to get some beach time in during the holiday (and maybe a pina colada or two) and the Rockaways did not disappoint. The Rockaways is reachable by the subway, which means travel cost is as minimal as a metro card swipe. To keep costs as low as possible, bring your own beach snacks and lunch! Or head over to the outdoor food court on 97th street and grab lunch for under $15. I also highly recommend the frozen pina coladas at Connolly’s: Seven dollars of tropical bliss 🙂

P.S. My suit is also under $15 and was perfect for my beach day. Shop it here!

DIY: Dining al fresco

Because there is nothing I love better than eating outdoors in nice weather, Eric and I have been meeting for weekly dinners in the parks throughout the city. After work, we meet at one of our favorite healthy spots (like Sweetgreen or ByChloe), grab salads to go, and head to the closest park for our very own dinner al fresco. We enjoy the beautiful weather, often get to listen to live music, and catch up on our days all for the cost of a Quinoa Taco Salad from ByChloe. Grabbing food to go eliminates the need to tip a server and also keeps you from ordering those extras that you don’t always need (for Eric and I, this means our classic shared plate of calamari and a glass of wine). Taking food to go also allows you to explore different parks and neighborhoods of your city. A win all around!

Take a Walk

This one might sound painfully obvious, but it’s a great alternative to not forget! With so many friends to meet and catch up with, those happy hour drink prices can really start to add up. When a friend asks to meet for drinks, suggest taking a walk instead! Meet in Central Park or by the river and enjoy each other’s company while taking in your city’s most peaceful surroundings. Not only is this a more economical option, but it’s a great healthy activity too. Nothing feels better than getting in some steps and breathing fresh air after a day in the office!

Keep an Eye Out for Free Events!

All cities offer tons of free and open events, you just have to keep your eyes open! I always grab a copy of Time Out New York on my way to the office on Wednesdays, which is a great place to find those free and affordable events going on during the week. There are also fun reoccurring events that happen throughout the season like HudsonRiverFlicks and Summer Stage shows. Incorporating some of these events into your social schedule to balance out the more pricey events will really help your finances in the long run!

As it is for most things in life, it’s all about balance. You don’t need to shell out money every time you want to enjoy yourself in your city. Finding a balance between free and affordable events and the more expensive ones will not only make you feel more responsible and financially savvy today, but it will start good habits that you can continue to practice in the future.

What are your favorite affordable ways to enjoy summertime in your city?



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Summer in the City

TATUM-63TATUM-70 (1)Summer in the City | The PaceTATUM-59Summer in the City | The PaceTATUM-62

For many New Yorkers, summer is a time to get out of the city. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the Hamptons, a cross-country road trip, or an adventure to a new city, New Yorkers take any excuse to escape the hustle and bustle and experience a different environment for a change. I hope to go on a couple of weekend trips this summer, but I’m also pumped to spend hot sunny days and cool breezy nights in this city. Today, I’m sharing 5 reasons why I’m excited for summer in the Big Apple 🙂

1. It’s rooftop season!

I am convinced that there is a switch in my brain that turns on once the temperature goes above 75 degrees and screams “Rooftop season!” With so many fun rooftop bars all over the city and friends with the ever so coveted rooftop apartments, there is no better way to spend a summer afternoon or evening than with a cold drink and a gorgeous view. Cocktails can get pretty pricey at rooftop bars, so I’m excited to spend time on my friend’s rooftop downtown. Summer BBQ, anyone??

2. Summer Fridays

Honestly the most magical two words of the season. Summer Fridays are the well-deserved reward many New Yorkers get for working so many hours every other day of the year. My office closes at 1:30 on Fridays, so my weekends feel so much longer. Having the extra time to take advantage of nice weather or to get a jumpstart on a weekend trip is AMAZING.

3. Getting in those steps

No matter what the season, New Yorkers always spend a lot of time on our feet. But when the weather is gorgeous, I am much more inclined to walk several blocks instead of taking the subway a couple of stops to enjoy the sunshine. Not only do I love how I feel after a long walk, but it also allows me to explore new areas, discover new places, and continue to improve my directional knowledge (which is slowly but surely getting better!). And am I the only one who thinks ice cream tastes even sweeter the higher your day’s step count? 😉

4. Longer Days

There’s nothing better than waking up to sunshine and being able to experience daylight even after leaving the office in the evening. Longer days motivate me to get out there and explore my city, instead of just crawling home to Netflix. Did I mention that I love the sun?? 😉

5. Outdoor Workouts

Don’t get me wrong, I am in a serious and committed relationship with my gym. But there’s something so freeing and rejuvenating about going on a nice run outside. There is an amazing path along the water a few blocks away from my apartment, and I’ve been making it my recent Sunday ritual to take a run along the path to clear my head before the week (and to clear my body from any of the not so healthy choices I made over the weekend 😉 ). With new scenery, fresh air, and sunshine, exercising outside brings an excitement to working out which I always look forward to every year.

What are you most excited for this summer?



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Change. The word that makes some want to crawl under the covers in hiding and others want to jump for joy out of excitement. I think for most people, it’s a combination of these two extremes. Change is scary and even the bravest among us must admit even a small amount of fear that accompanies it. Change brings doubt, uncertainty, and uneasiness: feelings that no human likes to feel. Change is hard work. It takes up very valuable brain space, causes emotional stress, and often requires tedious and physical labor. But change is also thrilling! It brings potential, energy, and excitement into our lives, and is an almost always necessary step in the progression toward goals and success.

Sometimes change is an option and sometimes it’s not. When we are given the option of change, it’s important to not immediately back away out of fear. Instead of thinking about how much time and energy would go into the process of this change, think about what the potential outcomes could be. Instead of thinking about the anxiety and fear you may feel taking on this change, think about the joy and fulfillment it could eventually bring to your life. We shouldn’t accept every option for change that are presented to us, but we should never deny them out of fear or doubt.

I recently went through some pretty major changes in my life. A couple of months ago, I moved into a new apartment in Manhattan and this past week, I started a new job at a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle PR agency in the city. Accepting this job meant leaving the agency I worked at for my first 11 months out of school. It meant leaving a team I loved, work I enjoyed and understood, and a routine I had settled into and was comfortable with. Accepting this job meant the majority of my waking hours were going to completely change. It meant I was going to have to start over in a new office, get to know new coworkers, and learn a brand new way of getting things done. These things scared me (and still do!), but I couldn’t let them weigh heavily on my pros and cons list. The fear of change was not going to let me turn down a job I have dreamed about having for years.

I am still right in the middle of this transformation process and it’s both thrilling and terrifying. But during every “pinch me, I can’t believe I work here!!” moment, I am reminded that I made the right decision and that this change will lead to happiness and success in my life.

Have you experienced any major changes lately? How have you grown from them?



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Tips for Moving to NYC

tatumm-5Tips for Moving to NYC | The Pacetatumm-3tatumm-17tatumm-14Tips for Moving to NYC | The Pace

I moved into my apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan about a month ago (can’t believe it’s already been a month!!), and so far, I am loving it! But it wasn’t that long ago that I was going through the stress of apartment hunting in New York City (aka the worst thing on earth). I am by no means an expert at apartment hunting and moving (probably more like the opposite actually…) but I did learn a few things along the way, so I thought I would pay it forward and share some tips and advice I’ve gathered through my experience.

Summer is just around the corner which means this city is about to see an influx of interns and new hires. If you happen to be one of them, I hope these tips are helpful to you as you embark on this terrifying (but super exciting!) journey 🙂

1. The Pre-Move Clean Out

This is perhaps the most important of all steps toward a successful move to New York. If you haven’t already heard (which you definitely have because we all complain about it enough…), New York is known for tiny apartments, which means tiny bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, kitchens etc. This is no time for you to be sentimental about the pair of holey socks you were wearing when your middle school boyfriend leaned in for that first kiss (kissing in middle school?! So scandalous!). But in all seriousness, before you even break out the suitcases and moving boxes, do a thorough clean out of all of your possessions and don’t bring anything you don’t absolutely love, need, or care about. Cleaning out closets, drawers, and cabinets is on no one’s list of favorite activities, but when you actually have room to breath in your new shoebox apartment, you will be glad you put in the time and effort. Getting rid of things also means you will have fewer boxes to carry up 3 flights of stairs (can I get an amen?!).

2. You might not be Serena Van Der Woodsen, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in a pig sty

I hope I’m not crushing your dreams when I tell you that your first apartment in New York is not going to be a penthouse on Park Ave. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to something dangerous, disgusting, dirty, or all of the above. My roommate, Melissa, and I looked at some pretty gross apartments before finding our current place, and I started to think this was what we would have to settle for. THANK GOD it wasn’t. Know your budget and be realistic, but don’t settle for something that you know you won’t feel comfortable or safe in. It will take time and effort, but the happy medium between a penthouse on Park Ave and cardboard box in a parking spot is out there. I promise!

3. Don’t Black Out

You made it to an apartment viewing! Congrats! Now put that third arm (aka your smartphone, deh) to use. Take pictures and notes. The agent showing the apartment will most likely start rattling off numbers and information about the apartment and terms of the lease. You might think these are easy things to remember, but if you’re seeing four apartments in one hour, the numbers tend to jumble together and you could end up blacking-out the entire day (Did he say it was $2,500 or $25,00?!?). This is no freshmen year gen-ed class! Taking notes in the real-world is not only for dweebs (yes, I just said dweebs) and will help you make this pretty massive decision. So don’t be afraid to break out the trusty notes app on your phone and type away!

4. Prepare Those Papers

Dollars aren’t the only types of paper you’re going to need to apply for an apartment. You will also need these bad boys. If you haven’t heard, New York operates at a pace about five times faster than the rest of humankind, so it’s a good idea to gather these documents in advance so you’re able to jump on an apartment you’re interested in right away. Apartments in New York can come on and off the market in a matter of a day, so being prepared is a major key to ensuring you have the best chance of grabbing your favorite place.

5. Get Excited!! 

You just signed for your apartment! Time to get excited!! Spend some time getting to know your new neighborhood before you move in so you feel more at home on your first day. If you’re a gym rat, check out the gyms in your neighborhood to find the one that’s best for you. Locate your nearest bodega (definition: a small convenient store that often comes complete with a cat). Decide if your closest Trader Joe’s is worth the cheap produce or if you’re going to suck it up and shop at the Gristede’s down the block instead. Many of these things will come with time, so don’t feel the need to figure it all out at once. But taking the time to at least think through some of these things in advance will make you feel a bit more in control once move-in day rolls around.

Every one’s experience shopping and signing for an apartment in New York is unique. There is no script to follow, so don’t be afraid to invent your own. It’s stressful process, but once you’re opening a bottle of wine in your new place on the first night, you’ll know it was all worth it. But just know that you might be enjoying that bottle of wine on the floor because come on, we aren’t superheroes here 😉

Best of luck on your adventure!



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Movin’ On Up

tatummm-16Movin' On Up | The Pacetatummmtatummm-21tatummm-11tatummm-15tatum

“Movin’ on up, to the east side.”

Well I did it. I made the move from my neighborhood in Queens to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. If you would have asked me a month ago if I would have thought I would be living in this amazing apartment on the UES, I would have laughed and said, “ugh I wish.” 

The apartment search in Manhattan is one of the weirdest things I have ever done. One weekend, I’m feeling discouraged, disgusted and doubtful that my roommate and I will ever find a place. The next weekend, I’m scrambling for paperwork and checks and applying for the apartment of my New York dreams. And then the weekend after, my parents are making the 7+ hour drive from Pittsburgh to help me move in (literal saints). New York time, ladies and gents. 

Moving has led me to reflect on the past 9 months of living in New York (I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months!!). I’ve seen, experienced, and learned a lot and would like to say I’ve grown, but underneath it all, I’m still the girl with stars in her eyes who will never get over these city lights. Sometimes I think about what 10-year-old Tatum, who had Broadway posters and other NYC mementos all over her room, would think if she met me now, and I’m proud to say, I think she would think I was pretty cool 😉

9 months and one move down with who knows how many to come. Because unlike the certainty of next month’s rent check, my journey in this city is one big exciting unknown. 



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For Better or for Worse

For Better or for Worse | The PaceFor Better or for Worse | The PaceFor Better or for Worse | The PaceFor Better or for Worse | The Pace

Living in New York is like being in a crazy, unpredictable, rollercoaster relationship. Sometimes the walk signs line up, your subway arrives right away, you snag a seat and you don’t smell even a whiff of bodily fluid. Other times you trudge through the wind and rain to wait for a delayed subway car, surrounded by what feels like the soaking wet bodies of the entire city’s population and their dripping umbrellas. You never know if your commute to work will be smooth and easy, or if you will leave early to make that 8:30am call and end up twiddling your thumbs for 30 minutes while you car is “delayed because of train traffic ahead.” We could all choose to leave New York and all of its mixed signals and signs for another city that’s more stable, hygienic and financially supportive. But who are we kidding? We aren’t going anywhere. Because we love this city, for better or for worse. 

After suffering through a New York winter, we have finally been given a glimpse of the better times, with little teasers of truly beautiful weather. The parks filled up with people, outdoor tables were scooped up whenever the temperature crossed 50 degrees and parkas were temporarily traded in for light (or even no!) jackets. 

We knew this high wouldn’t last forever (I’m back in my parka as I write this), but we know the good times will be back, and that knowledge is what keeps us around. Predictability and a sense of normalcy are comforting, but they quickly grow old. Surprise, passion and the excitement of an ever-changing environment—that’s what we love about New York. For better and for worse. 



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Foodkick: For a Night In, Not a Night Off

Foodkick | The PaceFoodkick | The PaceFoodkick | The PaceWith my obsession for adventure placed against the backdrop of New York City, I find it very hard to sit around and always want to be on the move. But with this freezing weather and a bank account plagued by one too many overpriced cocktails, sometimes a night in is just what the doctor ordered. But friends, a night in doesn’t have to mean it’s a night off 😉

Last Saturday while the city was getting a sprinkling of snow, my friends and I decided to try out Foodkick, a same-day food and alcohol delivery service. We looked up some yummy drink and food recipes, ordered ingredients, and were in the kitchen shoebox preparing the night’s menu in just a couple of hours. Did I mention that none of us even had to step outside of the apartment?

Foodkick is perfect for nights in with friends, work events (lifesaver if you are the office errand-runner like this girl!) and parties of any kind. We were able to find every ingredient we needed for our recipes; from limes to mozzarella to orange liqueur, Foodkick has it all.

Oh and I know you’re eyeing those cheesy puffs of goodness and our draaanks, so check out our margarita recipe here and find the three ingredients to make these life-changing cheesy pesto crescents here.

Thank you to Foodkick for collaborating with me on this post. 

3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend

3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace

This past weekend, my parents traveled from their home in Pittsburgh to visit me for the first time in New York! I was so excited to play hostess to the two incredible people who “hosted” me for 18 years! My parents are vegan, love a good drink, and are always up for a fun adventure, so I knew their visit would include lots of vegetables, a few glasses of wine, and countless laughs.

My parents arrived in Manhattan on Friday evening, so we kicked off the weekend at Smithfield Hall. Over happy hour drinks, we caught up about my new job and life in the city and all the happenings back at home. For dinner, we ordered the Black Bean burger, which was absolutely delicious (and vegan!). Smithfield Hall had awesome happy hour prices, tons of great food options, a fun atmosphere, and wonderful service. It was the perfect place to welcome my parents to the Big Apple!

3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace

After dinner, my parents had their first lesson on the New York subway system and rode just like pros! When we got back to my neighborhood in Queens, I gave them a walking tour to show them my favorite market, the gym I visit every morning, and all of the other little spots and shops along the way. It was fun to welcome them to my first “big girl” apartment and be able to spend the night chatting and laughing with two of my favorite people on the planet.

On Saturday, we woke up ready to take on the city! Our first stop was Union Square Park, which has quickly become a favorite spot of mine in Manhattan. I knew my parents would love the huge farmers’ market full of produce, flowers and plants, and other goodies. We bought a bag of beet chips, a loaf of fresh olive bread for our dinner that evening, and happily accepted samples along the way.

3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace 3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace 3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace 3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace

Next, I showed my parents the place I spend most of my time: my office! They were happy to see my desk and the open office space. My dad even got my mom and I to pose for a photo in front of the sign 🙂

3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace

Second to spending time with each other, my parents and I love veggies more than anything, so I knew I had to take them to my favorite salad place, Sweetgreen. We ordered our salad masterpieces and took them to Union Square Park for a little picnic. My parents taught me to be the salad-master that I am today, so for them to say these were the best salads they ever had is the best endorsement there is.

3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace

With only so little time in the day, we moved on to our next borough: Brooklyn. When your parents are as cool as mine, Williamsburg, the hipster capital of New York, is a must-visit. We people watched as we sipped iced-coffees at Konditori, a Swedish cafe, told stories by the river and gazed at the gorgeous view of Manhattan, and shared the most delicious cup of vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream at Van Leeuwin. Once we had had our share of this neighborhood’s hipster residents and attractions, it was time to head back to Queens.

3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace 3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace 3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace 3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace 3 Boroughs, 2 Vegans, 1 Amazing Weekend | The Pace

One of my favorite things in the world is cooking with my parents (while sipping on wine of course!). We grabbed fresh produce from the markets in my neighborhood and worked together to make stuffed mushrooms with vegan cheese, peppers, and onions, and sautéd tomatoes to put on top of the bread we had bought earlier. We spent the entire night cooking, drinking, eating, laughing, listening to music, and playing cards. It was one of the best nights I have had all summer (which is saying a lot, because I have been having quite an amazing couple of months!).

Of course, I was extremely sad to hug my parents goodbye and watch them board their bus back to Pittsburgh, but I am so thankful for the time we spent together. I am so fortunate to have parents who are willing to spend two full days traveling, just to spend one full day with their daughter. I always knew my parents were the coolest, but spending time with them in my new city reiterates that point even further. I truly am the luckiest daughter in all five boroughs of New York 🙂

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already planning my parents next visit. If you have suggestions for great vegan food, interesting bars, or other fun attractions you think my parents and I would like, let me know in the comment section below!



What I’ve Learned after One Month in New York City

What I've Learned after One Month in New York City | The Pace

It’s official: I’ve been a New Yorker for exactly one month…and what a month it has been. I’ve dreamed of living in this city since I was a little girl obsessed with Broadway musicals, bright lights, and huge skyscrapers. Now, I feel like I’m living in a dream come true and really believe I was born to live in this city.

I’ve learned a lot during my first month in the Big Apple. I know there’s still so much out there that I don’t know and so many places I haven’t explored, but that’s one of the reasons I love this city so much. I’m not sure I’ll ever know it all or ever get over the excitement that comes with these busy streets and crowded subways.

Before moving to the city, (I’m embarrassed to admit that…) I read dozens of articles with titles like, “Things you Must Know Before Moving to New York.” But to mark my one month anniversary of being a New York gal, I thought I would share just a few things I’ve learned so far…things that were not on those lists. 😉

1. Not everyone in the city is a fast walker

I’ve always kept a super speedy walking pace, and slow walkers are one of my biggest pet peeves. Everyone told me I would fit in so well in New York, where fast walking is the norm. I hate to report that this is not necessarily the case. People in New York walk just like people everywhere else—at their own pace. Fortunately, in New York, it is perfectly acceptable to swerve in and out of the slower walkers in order to keep up a fast pace, an art I am starting to master. But don’t expect me to start running through traffic yet…these things take time 😉

2. Going out is expensive…but it’s worth it

What I've Learned after One Month in New York City | The Pace

I read this on every “Things to Know about NYC” list, and I am here to confirm that it is 100% true. I’m starting to grow accustom to my cheapest options being $8 beers, $10 glasses of wine, and $14 cocktails (the key is that these are the cheap options). But in a city full of endless bars and restaurants, it’s silly to deny myself a night out just because I can’t get a $5 Long Island Iced Tea like I used to in college. I’ve learned the key to not becoming broke is to pace yourself (good for more things than just your wallet!) and to maintain balance. I cook dinner for myself plenty of nights out of the week to make up for the nights I’m buying a $10 glass of Cabernet. Balance is key, my friends.

3. However, not all food is expensive in this city

What I've Learned after One Month in New York City | The Pace

The markets in my neighborhood in Queens have super cheap and fresh produce. Since my diet consists mostly of fruits and vegetables, my grocery bill has been cut by more than half. It’s amazing! Plus, I love the feeling of going to the market every couple of days to pick up some fruits and veggies, instead of hauling myself to an overcrowded store in the suburbs every Sunday to do my weekly shopping (I’m talking about you, Main Line grocery stores 😉 ). This fresh, affordable, and healthy food helps to achieve my balance of not saying goodbye to both my wallet and health.

4. The Subway is the world’s biggest casino

As a small town girl, I feared the subway. I had heard horror stories of the crazies that rode in the crowded cars and just looking at the map confused me like crazy. I am happy to report that the subway scares me no longer 🙂 Any fool who knows how to use Google Transit and the difference between Uptown and Downtown can ride the subway successfully. However, I’ve learned the subway is constantly playing games with the hearts of New Yorkers. Some days, you’ll just make it to the stop as your train is pulling up. Other days, your line won’t be in service at all. Some days, you will score a seat and happily read your Kindle throughout your commute. Other days, you will barely be able to breathe as you’re stuffed up against strangers. Some days, you win; some days, you lose. I guess learning to accept this is part of being a true New Yorker.

5. Confidence is in the air

What I've Learned after One Month in New York City | The Pace

People in New York come in every possible variety—they come from different countries, speak different languages, wear different clothes, and have different passions and dreams. But I have found one thing to exist in so many of the New Yorkers I have encountered: confidence. It’s that girl strutting down the street in stilettos like she’s on a runway. The little boy who knows exactly what Mister Softie flavor he wants. And the older woman at the market who is not moving from her spot in front of the peppers until she has found the perfect one. Confidence in New York comes in all shapes and sizes, just like its residents, but confidence is what keeps this city hustling, bustling, and awake all night.

This isn’t too shabby of a list from just a month of living here, but I know in another month…year…however long I’m here, I will never stop learning. In a city this big, with so much to do and explore, the possibilities are endless.



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On a Happy Note…

For those of you who don’t know me too well, allow me to let you in on a big aspect of my life: my passion for music. I have been singing since I could speak, was a total theater kid, and now, I am a singer/songwriter and am in an a cappella group at my school! This past weekend was huge in the music department of my life, so I thought it would be fun to share the weekend’s events on The Pace.

On Friday, I released a new version of a song from my EP, Take Me or Leave Me. The song is called “Deserve” and you can buy it on iTunes here! Life hits us hard sometimes with things that make us feel worthless and inferior, and we can’t always rely on other people to be the ones to bring us out of this low state. The main message of “Deserve” is that we need to be a constant source of support and encouragement in our own lives; we need to be the ones that recognize and fight for what we deserve. I think this is a message that everyone can relate to. I would love to hear your thoughts on the song!

Deserve Cover

I also performed at The New Leaf Club in Bryn Mawr, PA on Friday night. I was so thankful for all of my friends and family who came to watch me perform. Let’s just say, I could have #blessed that Insta a million times over.

Saturday was another exciting day! I am a proud member of the Villanova Supernovas, a co-ed a cappella group at my university. On Saturday, we accepted an invitation to audition for NBC’s The Sing Off in New York City. We had so much fun traipsing around the city (in the rain) and singing in front of judges like Deke Sharon (aka the a cappella superstar who does vocal arrangements for Pitch Perfect!!).

On Saturday night, we traveled back to the Nova Nation to perform at A Cappella Spolozza, a concert that raises money for Villanova’s Special Olympic Fall Festival. The Supernovas performed our version of the girl-power hit, “Bang Bang.” If you want to witness a lot of sass, incredible riffing, and hear me rap
check out this video.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend that truly reminded me of all I have to be thankful for in my life. Music really has a way of doing that. 🙂