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My Ultimate Meal Prep Guide

Meal Prep Guide | The Pace

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I live by Sunday meal prep. I started meal prepping my senior year of college when I no longer had a meal plan on campus and have been going strong ever since. With rent, student loan payments, and other expenses, my budget does not allow me to buy many meals, so I have relied on my Sunday meal prep ritual to fuel me throughout the week.

I’m always receiving questions from my friends, coworkers, and on Instagram about meal-prepping, so I decided to share my step-by-step guide to meal prepping. Obviously, everyone’s meal prep routines will look a bit different, but I hope the below will help jump start your own meal-prep routine or answer any of those lingering questions you’ve had for the list making, tupperware hoarding people like me 😉

Step 1: Look Ahead

Meal Prep Guide | The Pace

We all have different schedules that are constantly changing week to week. Before you even think about stepping into the grocery store, take a look at your week ahead to determine how many meals you will need. Client lunch meeting on Tuesday? Dinner and drinks with friends on Thursday? A reoccurring Wednesday dinner date with your S/O? Take all of your week’s plans into consideration and then outline which days you will need to prepare lunch and dinner for (omitting breakfast from this guide because it’s typically less of a hassle and easier to prep).

Step 2: Choosing Your Meals

Meal Prep Guide | The Pace

Now it’s time to decide what you want to eat. Every week, I make a salad for lunch and some type of vegetable/protein/grain mix for dinner. You might want to prep sandwiches or wraps for lunch and pasta for dinner. This is all up to you (obviously!), but I’ll use my own prep as an example.

First, I search Pinterest for a salad recipe to make for the week. I type in “vegan salad,” “healthy salad recipes,” “filling vegan lunches” and other keywords to bring up countless delicious options. Once I choose a recipe, I simply write down all the ingredients I don’t already have in my kitchen on my grocery list. For those with a smaller budget (me!), remember that it’s totally fine not to follow a recipe 100%. If a salad calls for several ingredients to make a fancy dressing, I often ignore it and dress the salad with extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar instead. Feel free to switch up the recipe to make it work for your budget and taste. To get started, check out some of my favorite lunches to meal prep in this post or try this super easy and healthy taco salad I made over the summer.

Personally, I can eat the same lunch all week and not get bored, but I know for many, fear of boredom is a major reason not to meal prep. If this is a concern of yours, I encourage you to just try meal prepping a lunch to eat all week. If by Friday, you can’t take another bite without gagging, at least you gave it a try! But you also may find that your world didn’t end after eating the same lunch all week 😉 If you truly can’t stomach the thought of 5 days of the same meal, you can always choose to meal prep two different lunch options and switch between the two throughout the week.

Next, it’s time to think about dinner. For most of us, dinners are eaten at home, so they require less thought and planning. I often don’t look up specific dinner recipes (to be honest, I’m exhausted after searching for my lunch of the week!), but be sure I have frozen vegetables, cans of beans, healthy grains, veggie burgers, and other easy things to whip up when I get home from work. If you prefer more extravagant meals for dinner, you can always search for a dinner recipe just like lunch!

Step 3: The Grocery Store

Meal Prep Guide | The Pace

By now, your grocery list is started with the ingredients you need for your lunches and essentials for dinner. To fill in what’s missing, think through your week and everything you consume – from the almond milk you put in your coffee to the carrots and hummus you have for a daily snack. Add in these items to complete your list.

I know it’s tempting not to make a grocery list, especially if you’re only shopping for yourself, but making and sticking to your grocery list is crucial for meal prep. The whole point of prepping meals is to save money and to eliminate wasting food. If you make a list and don’t follow it while shopping or totally wing it at the grocery store, you are defeating the hard planning work you completed above. It’s not always going to be easy, but once you prove to yourself that you can avoid the temptation of filling your basket on a whim, it will become a habit (and you’ll be amazed how your grocery bill decreases!).

Step 4: Prep Your Meals

Meal Prep Guide | The Pac

You’re back from the grocery store with all of the items on your list and you have your recipe pulled up on your phone – you’re ready to prep! Before I break out my cutting board and pans, I take a second to think through the recipe. For example, if I’m cooking quinoa, I know the process will take at least 30 minutes, so I start boiling water before I chop my veggies. Look at every step of the recipe and come up with the most efficient plan for tackling it. This step definitely takes the most effort (it is the prep step after all!), so mentally prepare to put in some time and energy. Meal prepping can take up to an hour or more (depending on your recipe!), but one hour spent in the kitchen is more than worth having delicious meals to eat all week. Keep this in mind if you start to break a sweat over the stove 😉

Step 5: Pack Your Meals

Meal Prep Guide | The Pace

Once the chopping, stirring, and cooking is finally complete, you may be tempted to just throw everything you just prepared into your largest container and take a nap. But the last step of meal prep is insanely easy and super important: Divide your masterpiece into one-meal size containers. You are a lot less likely to abandon your prepping efforts if enjoying the fruits of your labor is as easy as grabbing a container from the fridge on your way off to work or class.

Step 6: ENJOY!

Meal Prep Guide | The Pace

The best step of all. Save money. Save time. Feel accomplished.

Was this meal prep guide helpful? Let me know! And if you have any questions, leave a comment below or send me a DM on Instagram!

Happy prepping!



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Booty Workout

Booty Workout | The PaceBooty Workout | The PaceBooty Workout | The PaceBooty Workout | The PaceBooty Workout | The Pace

I love working out, but like I shared in this post, sometimes I need a little extra motivation to get my butt out of bed and into my gym clothes. Speaking of…I am totally obsessed with this sports bra and pair of leggings from 2(X)ist. The hot pink accents wake me up in the morning and the material is so comfortable!

One thing that always motivates me is a new workout. Nothing is worse than going to the gym knowing you are about to do a routine for the 50th time in a row… so I enjoy coming up with new routines to shake up my gym time and keep me excited to exercise!

Today I’m sharing a new lower body workout I tried out at the gym last week. I love incorporating strength training, high-intensity interval training, and pilates-inspired moves into my lower body workouts to keep things exciting and to put my body through new challenges.

Save this workout to your phone, queue up a motivational playlist, head to the gym, and give it a try! I would love to know what you think!

Happy sweating!



STRENGTH: Twice through
Wide Leg Squats (10 reps)
Wide Leg Deadlifts (10 reps)
Kettle bell swings (20 reps )
Weighted Bridges (10 reps)
Traditional Squat (10 reps)
Deadlifts (10 reps)
Isolated Squats – One leg at a time (20 reps)
Butterfly Weighted Bridges – Bring feet together and press up to bridge in “butterfly” position (10 reps)

HIIT: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off – Each move twice and repeat entire sequence one time
Power Skips
Pop squats
Lateral jumps
High knee pulse

PILATES: 45 sec on, 15 off
Back bow
Side leg raises (Left)
Side leg raises (Right)
Rear leg lifts – On hands and knees, lift leg & squeeze butt (Left)
Rear leg lifts (Right)
Wide squat pulse
Wall sits
Bridge hold

Sports Bra & Leggings c/o 2(X)ist

Photos By: Laine Erynn

Gift Guide for the Gain-Chasers & Green-Lovers

Happy Thanksgiving week! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I couldn’t be more excited to be headed to Pittsburgh after a short work week to spend the holiday with my family.

But just as we can always count on Santa to come to town at the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, we all anticipate the rush of holiday shopping that follows our Thanksgiving food comas.

“Write what you know…” they say! So this year, I will be sharing gift guides in the areas I know best and am kicking it off with a gift guide for the gain-chasing, green-loving people in your life. These gifts are all under $100 and range in price to fit any budget. The NextRoller, coming in at just under $100 and used by professional athletes, is the latest product in muscle recovery and is perfect for the serious athletes and fitness-fiends on your list. More affordable options include this Nike Sports Bra (on sale for $24.97!) and Nike Training Socks because nothing is worse than being forced to do laundry just because you’re out of clean workout attire (am I right?).

Untitled presentation

NextRoller ($99.95) / Healthy Human Stein ($29.99) / Nike Sports Bra (ON SALE for $24.97) / Prep Naturals Meal Prep Container Set ($22.49) / Everlast Boxing Gloves ($30.49) / Nike Training Socks ($18)

What other gift guides would you like me to share? Hit me up on Instagram or let me know in the comment section below!







Gym Motivation

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, there isn’t one person who doesn’t need some gym motivation from time-to-time. Waking up early to go to the gym every morning it’s always easy, so I’ve developed several tips and tricks over the years to get myself excited about putting on my workout gear and getting out the door. Today, I’m sharing some of the motivational tools I use throughout my fitness journey. Hopefully, you’ll find some fitspo in the tips below 🙂

Gym Motivation | The PaceGym Motivation | The Pace


Switch Up Your Reps

No one blames you for not wanting to do the same circuit of squats, deadlifts, and lunges three times a week. Not only is this boring, but it doesn’t give your body the challenge and diversity it needs to grow stronger. Try switching up your circuit patterns. Try a ladder pattern – starting with a high number of reps and working your way down  (for example, 20 deadlifts, 20 squats; 16 deadlifts, 16 squats; 8 deadlifts, 8 squats) – or challenge yourself to timed back-to-back burnout rounds (for example, 45 seconds of deadlifts, 45 seconds of squats, 45 seconds of lunges with no break). Changing up your rep patterns keeps you both mentally and physically alert, resulting in a much more exciting and efficient workout.

Gym Motivation | The Pace

Get Pumped About Your Fuel

Food is fuel. This is something I am constantly reminding myself. What we put in our bodies gives us the energy and ability to complete our daily tasks and allows us to sweat it out at the gym. Food and fitness are not enemies – actually, it’s the opposite! Instead of thinking of food as the end goal to a workout (“I’m gonna go to the gym today so I can eat an extra-large serving of french fries for lunch”) consider food as a key component to a successful fitness regiment (“I’m going to make a lunch full of veggies and healthy grains and proteins so that I can get the most out of my next workout.”) This doesn’t mean that every single thing we put into our bodies has to benefit us at the gym, but if we start to consider food as fuel, it’s easier to view these two components of healthy living as the perfect pair that they are.

Gym Motivation | The Pace

Curate YOUR Perfect Soundtrack

The beauty of the gym is that even in a facility of hundreds of other sweaty people, you are on a solo mission. At the gym, everyone is focused on themselves and their goals. This means you have the privilege of listening to whatever music pumps you up – without judgement. If you happen to be a forty-year-old man who loves running on the treadmill to Britney Spears, go for it! If you’re a small blonde girl who occasionally puts on a playlist of intense rap and screamo-music while lifting weights, no one can judge you (not that I’m speaking from experience 😉 )! Curate gym playlists that get you pumped about pushing yourself to the limit and know your “go-to” songs that will keep you going, even through the toughest routines. Music is such a powerful source of motivation and energy; use it!

Gym Motivation | The Pace

YOU Time

Make your gym time your ultimate YOU time. At school, work, and in relationships, you will fail, you will not always be right, and you will face challenges and obstacles. But the gym is where you can take those failures and challenges and turn them into something positive. Get your anger out. Allow the obstacles you face outside of the gym to make you stronger, mentally, emotionally, and physically. You aren’t always in charge of what happens in the office or in your relationships, but you can be charge of your body. Own it and make it positive.

What motivates you to break a sweat?



Crop Top / Zippered Capri / Capri LeggingsSports BraThe One-Shoulder c/o Fierce + Regal

Photos by: Lauren Listor


Fall Florals & Favorites

Fall Florals & Favorites | The PaceFall Florals & Favorites | The PaceFall Florals & Favorites | The PaceFall Florals & Favorites | The PaceFall Florals & Favorites | The PaceFall Florals & Favorites | The Pace

My calendar says it’s nearing the end of October, but my weather app hasn’t quite been agreeing. Even though I screamed of excitement the few days this month that brought brisk air and cooler temps, I’m not complaining too much about this unseasonably warm weather. After all, it doesn’t matter what Mother Nature is doing outside, as long as my fall candles are making my apartment smell like pumpkin and apples 🙂

Dressing this month has presented a bit of a challenge, but this Anthropolgie skirt is the perfect piece to tackle this seasonal confusion. It’s autumnal colors, longer length, and velvet make-up deem it fall-appropriate, while still allowing my legs to breathe when the temps and humidity have summer on the brain. I had too much fun twirling around Union Square with Olivia while we shot these photos 🙂

All that twirling must have left me giddy, because in addition to sharing my love for this skirt, I also thought it would be fun to share some of my other current favorites. From beauty and fitness products to books, read on to see what I’ve been loving lately.

FAVORITE BOOK: Big Little Lies

I admit that I am so behind on this one, but it’s too good not to share! I just finished the book and am now spending every free second recommending it to all of my family, friends, and coworkers who haven’t yet read it. Big Little Lies has everything—drama, suspense, humor, romance—and the best part? Turning the last page doesn’t mean the  adventure is over: now it’s time to watch the TV series! If you haven’t read it yet, this book is a must add to your list!

FAVORITE PUMPKIN PRODUCT: June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque

Last Sunday, I decided to indulge in an evening of pumpkin-themed relaxation. With my Spiced Pumpkin Yankee Candle burning, I tried out the travel-size version of this June Jacobs face-mask and fell in love! I honestly wasn’t sure if I had just opened a skincare product or a can of pumpkin, but either way, the pumpkin-lover in me was rejoicing. This face-mask is gentle and calming, making it a wonderful addition to your relaxation nights this season.

FAVORITE HAIR PRODUCT: Good Virtues Co. Healthy Hair & Scalp Shampoo & Conditioner

Kiera, my best friend from high school, just got married this past weekend (ah!!). It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever witnessed, so of course, I sobbed in front of hundreds of people as Kiera’s Maid of Honor. Kiera is a hair-stylist and has been nagging encouraging me to get my split-ends trimmed for months (which technically, should have been done months before!). As the amazing friend and dedicated stylist that she is, Kiera chopped off my terrible dead ends the night before her wedding (what a gal!), and now I have been trying my best to keep my hair as healthy as possible. I was sent these Good Virtues Co. products to review and after just one usage, become totally obsessed! Not only is the product fun and colorful, but it feels great to use in the shower, and leaves my hair smelling like I just stepped out of the salon all day long. Use my code TATMUR10 for 10% off all Good Virtues Co products on Amazon through the end of the year!


FAVORITE FITNESS PRODUCT: NextRelief Cooling Pain Relief Cream

If you know me at all, you know that I love to work out. Fitness is a huge part of my life and brings me so much joy, so many challenges, and an incredible amount of fulfillment. My morning workouts kick-start my day on a path of energy and endorphins, so I can’t have sore muscles stop me from missing a beat. NextRelief muscle cream has been a life-saver on those days when my previous workouts are putting my muscles through especially painful soreness. No pain, no gain is a mantra I live by, but I’m not going to say no to a product that relieves just a little of that pain from time to time 🙂


What are your thoughts on my faves? Love ’em or hate ’em, let me know! And be sure to share what you’re lovely lately!



Photos by: Olivia Choi



Recovery | The Pace

I need to be upfront; recovery is not a topic I’m an expert on. In fact, it’s something I am admittedly bad at. When I’m sick and a doctor tells me to rest and skip the gym for a few days, I tell him or her that quite honestly, that’s not going to happen. When I injured my IT band and spent months in physical therapy (twice!), I researched and experimented with every method of low impact exercise that I could find in order to maintain my fitness routines. I’m horrible at taking rest days and haven’t done so for seven months.

So why on earth am I writing a post about the fitness topic I’m probably the worst at? And more importantly, why should you be reading this? Well, I’ve learned a lot about rest and recovery in the past few days, brought to my attention by a sprained ankle. After spending some time thinking over this topic, I decided it was something I wanted to write about, not as an expert, but as a way to both engage in and promote self-reflection and healthy habits. I think it’s important to ask ourselves: In what ways in my life am I practicing healthy rest and recovery habits and in what ways am I not? Through this question, I realized that I am practicing recovery in some ways, but am clearly (see above!) lacking in others. I hope this post can help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses in this area and will motivate you to make rest part of your healthy lifestyle.

Muscle Recovery 

I can’t be the only one who actually enjoys being sore the day after a tough workout. Standing up from my desk at work and going up and down the subway stairs might make my muscles scream, but the pain also brings the satisfaction of a workout well done. But just because I secretly enjoy the pain, doesn’t mean I should always have to suffer through it. After a particularly brutal lower body day, I tried PARODI’s Comforting Muscle Lotion and was immediately blessed with the feeling of instant relief. The lotion was just the answer my sore muscles were praying for, and I learned that there’s nothing wrong with seeking relief for pain (even when the pain comes from a good and healthy place!).

Recovery Fuel

We all know about the importance of a post-workout meal to refuel our bodies after the hard work we just put it through. I workout in the morning, so my favorite recovery meal is also my favorite breakfast. I’ve eaten oatmeal for breakfast for the past five years and I still get excited every time the microwave beeps (seriously, ask my friends, I have an obsession). Refueling after exercising is one area of recovery that I think I get right, so I thought I would share my post-workout breakfast! Feel free to modify as you choose (and share your creations with me on Instagram!)

  • 1/2 cup whole-rolled oats
  • 1 teaspoon vegan protein powder
  • 1 healthy sprinkle of cinnamon
  • 1 banana

Put oats, protein powder, and cinnamon in a microwave-safe bowl and fill with water so that the water barely covers the oats. Microwave for 2 minutes. Top with a sliced banana and enjoy!

Hydration Recovery

Our bodies scream for water during our workouts (I’m that girl who reaches for her Nalgene between every song in a cycling class!), but we have to remember to continue the hydration after we leave the gym. Our thirst may be quenched, but we have to continue to give our bodies the hydration and electrolytes it needs to fully recover. I love drinking lemon water when I get to work for a refreshing way to hydrate. I also have recently tried and loved Pure Brazilian Coconut Water. I’m pretty picky when it comes to coconut water, but this brand was the best I’ve tried! If you’re feeling the need to replenish your body with electrolytes, definitely opt for coconut water over sugary sports drinks.

But like I said, I am no expert on this topic, so I would love to hear about your methods of recovery. Share with me in the comment section below or send me a DM on Instagram.



3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine | The Pace3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine | The Pace3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine | The Pace3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine | The Pace3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine | The Pace3 Ways to Switch Up Your Workout Routine | The Pace

We all know that nothing lasts forever. Even what seem to be the best relationships, jobs, lunch orders, and clothing styles often run their course and are replaced by something better, trendier, or more fitting for our current life situation. The same goes for fitness. Just like we grow out of apartments, trends, and even some friendships, our bodies yearn for new ways to stay active and healthy. 

For best results in our health, fitness levels, and physical appearance, it is crucial to switch up our exercise routines to ensure our bodies don’t become too accustomed to a workout to a point that it is no longer effective. 

But finding the time, energy, strength, and money to workout is enough of a challenge! Trust me, I hear you! Which is why I’m sharing some inspiration and ideas for how you can easily and effectively switch up your fitness routine! You might be surprised how motivating trying something new can be! Besides, we all know fierce women aren’t afraid of change and a little challenge 😉

For the Soul Cycle Obsessed:

Try weight training. The weight portion of Soul Cycle is high rep and low weight. To give your body a new challenge, adventure to the weight area of the gym and try a few upper body exercises (like these) using a higher weight and doing fewer reps. Adding weight training to your routine will give you more muscle definition and increase your metabolism!

For the Yogi:

Try boxing. I know it may sound like a bit of a 180, but hear me out. Yoga is a way to center ourselves: a practice used to eliminate distractions, stress, and negative energy from our lives. I’ve been taking a boxing class for the past several months, and I have to say that not only is it fantastic physical exercise, but also great for my mental health as well. I use the class to take out all of my anger from the week. When the gloves are on and bag is in front of me, it’s goodbye to work stress and feelings of inferiority and hello to feeling confident and strong once again. A yoga lover can challenge their bodies and minds by trying this new form of exercise. 

For the Runner:

Try a boutique fitness class. I know, I know. Why go from paying nothing and using the earth’s gym to paying upwards of $25 a class? The answer is two fold. First and foremost, for your health (deh). Second, your first class is often free 😉 There is a great benefit to challenging your runner’s lungs, legs, and cardiovascular endurance with a high-intensity interval training or strength and cardio combination class. These classes often group participants in pairs or teams, which ensures that you will be held accountable for your effort by others. Whenever I try a new class, I am forced to push myself harder and further because I know my team is counting on me. I prove to myself what my body is really capable of doing and then I’m able to take that knowledge to my future, solo workouts. 

What new workouts are you trying lately? I’m always looking for something new to try!



Crop Top c/o Fierce + Regal/ Zippered Capri c/o Fierce + Regal

Photos by: Lauren Listor

Special thanks for Fierce + Regal for working with me on this post.

Ready, Set, Go

Ready, Set, Go | The PaceReady, Set, Go | The PaceReady, Set, Go | The PaceReady, Set, Go | The PaceReady, Set, Go | The PaceReady, Set, Go | The Pace

If you’ve been following along on The Pace or my Instagram, you might remember last month’s post about the elevated athletic performance brand, Fierce + Regal, that I just can’t get enough of. Through high quality and versatile pieces, the brand inspires, encourages, and enables women to be both fierce and regal from the gym, to the office, and wherever life takes us.

A regal woman has goals. She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid or intimidated to aim high and reach for the stars. But setting goals is only the beginning, and this is where the pairing of regality and ferocity is so crucial. Fierce women attack their goals. They don’t back down from challenges. They pick themselves up when they fall. They remain confident in the face of setbacks and failure. It’s not enough to want, to plan, or even to be motivated. Goals cannot be achieved without the drive and hunger inside a fierce woman. Fierce + Regal encourages women to be confident enough to hold themselves to high standards and set big goals and strong enough to carry them through to the end.

We set and chase goals in many areas of our lives. At this stage in my life, many of my goals are fitness and career related, both which require a great deal of physical, emotional, and mental energy and strength. Fierce + Regal gives me the comfort and support I need to power through my workouts to achieve my fitness goals, giving me the boost necessary to attack the rest of my day at the office. As we look toward the transition of seasons, I’m especially loving this crop top for fall jogs through the park or an outdoor yoga session. These zippered capris that are perfect for busy weekends filled with gym time, runnings errands, and seeing friends. As always, Fierce + Regal pieces are made with the highest quality materials, making them irresistibly comfortable.

What goals are you setting and attacking?



Crop Top c/o Fierce + Regal/ Zippered Capri c/o Fierce + Regal

Photos by: Lauren Listor

Special thanks for Fierce + Regal for working with me on this post.


Lower Body Workout

TatumDone-63TatumDone-100TatumDone-78TatumDone-102Lower Body Workout | The PaceTatumDone-71TatumDone-88

I think we can all agree that there is nothing like the feeling after a great workout. We feel strong, accomplished, fierce (and probably very sweaty!). But we all know the struggles of finding the motivation and energy to get to the gym, and then when we arrive there is always the struggle of what do I do? This is something I get a lot of questions about from people who want to expand their gym routine from the bordeom of the treadmill.

No matter what your preferred method is to break a sweat, I always advise my friends to incorporate some type of strength training into their routines. I talked about the benefits of strength training in this post and shared an upper body workout. Today, I’m sharing a lower body workout that can be modified for any fitness level. It combines strength training with pilates and cardio moves that will leave your muscles screaming and sore the next day. Lace up your sneaks, pop in your headphones, pull this baby up on your phone, and hit the gym. You can do it!

Lower Body Workout

ADVANCED: 55-60 minute workout-Starting with Set 1, do 20 reps of each move, 16 reps of each move, and 8 reps of each move. Do the same for Set 2, 3, and 4. Finish with pilates burnout.

INTERMEDIATE: 30-40 minute workout-Starting with Set 1, do 8 reps of each move. Go through each set twice. Finish with pilates burnout.

BEGINNER: 20-30 minute workout-Do 8 reps of each move. Finish with pilates burnout.

[Pattern of set: 1. Strength training 2. Cardio move 3. Pilates move 4. Strength training]

SET 1:


Squat jumps

Rear leg lifts (On hands and knees, do # of reps for both sides) 

Side lunges

SET 2:

Kettle bell swings


Fire hydrant leg lifts (Do # of reps for both sides)

Hip Thrusts (Back on bench, hold weight on hips and thrust hips up)

SET 3:

Ski/Narrow Squats

Jumping Lunges

Hamstring Leg Curls (Do # of reps for both sides)

Curtsy Lunge (Lunge back into curtsy position)

SET 4:

Wide stance deadlifts

Pop squats (Squat down and tap ground, jump up and bring legs together)

Elbow tap lifts (On hands and knees, pull in knee to elbow and extend leg back out)

Squat steps (In squat position, step out to wide squat position and back in to narrow squat position)

PILATES BURNOUT: 45 seconds on, followed by 15 second pulses

Inside leg lift (Lie on right side, cross left leg over right and lift right leg up and down. Repeat on left side)

Side leg lift (Lie on right side, raise left leg up and down. Repeat on left side)

Rear leg lift (On hands and knees, raise straight leg up and down. Repeat with other leg.)


And don’t forget…no trip to the gym is complete without fierce and comfortable fitness attire. I talked about my obsession with Fierce and Regal in this post and still can’t get over how incredible the line is. Be sure to check out Fierce + Regal online and on Instagram for the amazing pieces I’m wearing in this post and more!

Happy sweating!



Capri LeggingsSports BraThe One-Shoulder c/o Fierce + Regal

Photos by: Lauren Listor

Special thanks for Fierce + Regal for working with me on this post.


Fierce + Regal

TatumDone-75Fierce + Regal | The PaceTatumDone-106TatumDone-87TatumDone-86TatumDone-89TatumDone-67

I recently discovered the new elevated athletic performance wear brand, Fierce + Regal, and fell in love right away. Not only are the pieces lovely, but they feel amazing! I could tell the second I stepped into a pair of the Capri Leggings and Sports Bra that the fabric was of the highest quality: extremely comfortable and super easy to move in. The material provides so much support, automatically boosting my confidence and giving me tons of extra fitspo to break a sweat 😉

But Fierce + Regal is more than beautiful, high quality activewear pieces: it’s a mantra in and of itself. Fierce + Regal is all about female empowerment. Women should feel fierce, unstoppable, and confident on the inside, and still be able to look regal, put together, and sophisticated on the outside. To me, being fierce means being tenacious. It means waking up every day and attacking a killer workout at the gym, heading into the office determined to work hard and be successful, and always approaching every situation with a confident, can-do attitude. The word regal means class, sophistication, intelligence, beauty, and poise.

Many may find these characteristics to be opposites and might think that a woman needs to choose one or the other. But Fierce + Regal (and I!) do not agree. A woman can rock both of these qualities and should never have to sacrifice tenacity for poise or vice versa. I love that the Fierce + Regal line encourages this powerful combination of traits and that the pieces allow females to bring these characteristics to the surface.

We are all given different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses, and different character traits. But I believe that in every woman there is at least a little bit of fierceness and regality just waiting to come out. Let Fierce + Regal inspire and empower you to show the world what you’re made of.

Be sure to check out Fierce + Regal online and on Instagram 🙂

Capri Leggings/ Sports Bra/ The One-Shoulder c/o Fierce + Regal

Photos by: Lauren Listor

Special thanks for Fierce + Regal for working with me on this post.