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Fierce + Regal

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I recently discovered the new elevated athletic performance wear brand, Fierce + Regal, and fell in love right away. Not only are the pieces lovely, but they feel amazing! I could tell the second I stepped into a pair of the Capri Leggings and Sports Bra that the fabric was of the highest quality: extremely comfortable and super easy to move in. The material provides so much support, automatically boosting my confidence and giving me tons of extra fitspo to break a sweat 😉

But Fierce + Regal is more than beautiful, high quality activewear pieces: it’s a mantra in and of itself. Fierce + Regal is all about female empowerment. Women should feel fierce, unstoppable, and confident on the inside, and still be able to look regal, put together, and sophisticated on the outside. To me, being fierce means being tenacious. It means waking up every day and attacking a killer workout at the gym, heading into the office determined to work hard and be successful, and always approaching every situation with a confident, can-do attitude. The word regal means class, sophistication, intelligence, beauty, and poise.

Many may find these characteristics to be opposites and might think that a woman needs to choose one or the other. But Fierce + Regal (and I!) do not agree. A woman can rock both of these qualities and should never have to sacrifice tenacity for poise or vice versa. I love that the Fierce + Regal line encourages this powerful combination of traits and that the pieces allow females to bring these characteristics to the surface.

We are all given different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses, and different character traits. But I believe that in every woman there is at least a little bit of fierceness and regality just waiting to come out. Let Fierce + Regal inspire and empower you to show the world what you’re made of.

Be sure to check out Fierce + Regal online and on Instagram 🙂

Capri Leggings/ Sports Bra/ The One-Shoulder c/o Fierce + Regal

Photos by: Lauren Listor

Special thanks for Fierce + Regal for working with me on this post.


Summer in the City

The Pace | Atelier Summer in the CityThe Pace | Atelier Summer in the City The Pace | Atelier Summer in the City The Pace | Atelier Summer in the City

It’s official—summer is upon us! Although my hot and humid walks to work in the morning would like to claim that summer has already been upon us for weeks, Sunday marked the first official day of the season and the longest day of the year! I spent the Summer Solstice driving back to Philly from a visit with my grandparents in Lancaster, finally seeing my apartment for the upcoming school year, and spending time with some of my favorite people over Sweet Green salads and iced coffee.

In addition to longer (& warmer) days, this year the start of summer also brings the launch of the Atelier’s “Summer in the City” collection. The Atelier is a gorgeous boutique, located in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia (and also is online for all of you non-Philadelphians). The collection was inspired by summertime in the city, but trust me, it screams summer in any location. I am especially loving the Bisous Hand Stamped Pendant Necklace (pendant necklaces are so in right now), the Palm Leaf Stationery (summer is the perfect time to slow down and appreciate the art of sending snail mail), and the  #SummerUniform tote.

The Atelier is offering The Pace’s reader a 10% discount on all items in the Summer in the City collection and the rest of the shop with the code PACE10. This discount is only valid through June 30, so get shopping! 🙂

What is your favorite piece in the new collection? Share it in the comment section below!