Movin’ On Up

tatummm-16Movin' On Up | The Pacetatummmtatummm-21tatummm-11tatummm-15tatum

“Movin’ on up, to the east side.”

Well I did it. I made the move from my neighborhood in Queens to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. If you would have asked me a month ago if I would have thought I would be living in this amazing apartment on the UES, I would have laughed and said, “ugh I wish.” 

The apartment search in Manhattan is one of the weirdest things I have ever done. One weekend, I’m feeling discouraged, disgusted and doubtful that my roommate and I will ever find a place. The next weekend, I’m scrambling for paperwork and checks and applying for the apartment of my New York dreams. And then the weekend after, my parents are making the 7+ hour drive from Pittsburgh to help me move in (literal saints). New York time, ladies and gents. 

Moving has led me to reflect on the past 9 months of living in New York (I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months!!). I’ve seen, experienced, and learned a lot and would like to say I’ve grown, but underneath it all, I’m still the girl with stars in her eyes who will never get over these city lights. Sometimes I think about what 10-year-old Tatum, who had Broadway posters and other NYC mementos all over her room, would think if she met me now, and I’m proud to say, I think she would think I was pretty cool 😉

9 months and one move down with who knows how many to come. Because unlike the certainty of next month’s rent check, my journey in this city is one big exciting unknown. 



Raimana Cowan Open Back Papillon Dress from Nineteenth Amendment

Photos by: Lauren Listor


tatum-14tatum-16tatum-12Confident | The Pacetatum-19tatum-13I was recently interviewed to be featured on Nineteenth Amendment‘s blog Nineteenth + Seventh (check out the post here!). One of the questions my friends over at Nineteenth Amendment asked me was to describe my style in one word. This question is a tricky one for anyone to answer because doesn’t our style change by necessity as we move through our weeks? I don’t know about you, but I know I’m not wearing my leggings, Nikes and sports bra from the gym to the office and straight to happy hour.

But then it hit me that describing your style isn’t necessarily about the actual clothes and accessories you wear. It’s about the way you feel in them and the reason you choose to buy them in the first place or take them off the hanger for the day. For some, comfort is key and they could care less about what they look like as long as they are nice and cozy. Others dress to impress and adorn their bodies with pieces that have the sole purpose of turning heads. As I thought about the feeling I hope to create as I get dressed every day, only one word came to mind: confidence.

Whether I’m heading to the gym, to the office, to brunch or out on a Saturday night, my goal is always to feel confident. Confidence pushes me to break that extra sweat during my workout, to stay focused and motivated at work and to be friendly and outgoing in social settings. Confidence leads to courage, persistence and determination.

Your personal style allows you to shape your attitude and we all know that “attitude is everything.” That’s a pretty big responsibility for pieces of fabric, huh?

Now it’s your turn. Describe your style in one word. Comment/DM me on Instagram with your style definition 🙂



Wearing: Chanho Jang Zipper Weave Top from Nineteenth Amendment

Photos by: Lauren Listor

For Better or for Worse

For Better or for Worse | The PaceFor Better or for Worse | The PaceFor Better or for Worse | The PaceFor Better or for Worse | The Pace

Living in New York is like being in a crazy, unpredictable, rollercoaster relationship. Sometimes the walk signs line up, your subway arrives right away, you snag a seat and you don’t smell even a whiff of bodily fluid. Other times you trudge through the wind and rain to wait for a delayed subway car, surrounded by what feels like the soaking wet bodies of the entire city’s population and their dripping umbrellas. You never know if your commute to work will be smooth and easy, or if you will leave early to make that 8:30am call and end up twiddling your thumbs for 30 minutes while you car is “delayed because of train traffic ahead.” We could all choose to leave New York and all of its mixed signals and signs for another city that’s more stable, hygienic and financially supportive. But who are we kidding? We aren’t going anywhere. Because we love this city, for better or for worse. 

After suffering through a New York winter, we have finally been given a glimpse of the better times, with little teasers of truly beautiful weather. The parks filled up with people, outdoor tables were scooped up whenever the temperature crossed 50 degrees and parkas were temporarily traded in for light (or even no!) jackets. 

We knew this high wouldn’t last forever (I’m back in my parka as I write this), but we know the good times will be back, and that knowledge is what keeps us around. Predictability and a sense of normalcy are comforting, but they quickly grow old. Surprise, passion and the excitement of an ever-changing environment—that’s what we love about New York. For better and for worse. 



Express lace off-the shoulder top/Uniqlo Jeans

Photos by Kelly West

5 Ways to Self-Love for Under $5

Self-Love | The Pace

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! I’ve done a couple of festive posts so far this month, covering everything from the perfect V-Day tights to seeing the love in this crazy world. But today, I’m focusing on something that often gets overlooked and overshadowed in our busy and hectic lives: self-love. It’s great to spend time loving others, but we can’t forget to show love to the one we spend the most time with: ourselves. Self-love doesn’t come from a shallow or proud place; it stems from a place of acceptance, peace, and joy.

So whether you’re going out for a fancy dinner with your S.O., sipping wine with your friends, or eating a box of chocolates alone in your bed (no shame), don’t forget to show yourself some love. Today, I’m sharing 5 ways to self-love for under $5.

1. Try out a new workout class

Working out feels great no matter what, but there is an extra special feeling of achievement that comes with completing a brand new class. This weekend, I decided to try out CorePower Yoga‘s Yoga Sculpt class for the first time. I have never taken a yoga class, let alone a class in a hot studio that combines yoga with weights and cardio. Let’s just say, after the intense hour-long class, I was dripping in sweat and felt amazing. Taking the time to take care of your body, especially by challenging it in a new way, is one of the greatest ways to love yourself. The best part about a new class? Most studios offer a free first session, so this gift from you to you doesn’t have to cost a dime!

2. Have a spa night

You don’t have to shell out the big bucks on a spa day to feel pampered. Just pick up a face mask at your nearby drug store, put on some cozy PJs, light a candle or two, and turn on your current Netflix obsession. If you’re looking to keep costs as low as possible, I recommend checking out CVS’ line of skin products. My favorite is this Charcoal and Black Sugar Mask because it’s a great exfoliator.

3. Write love letters

Loving yourself means being grateful for the blessings you have. In our society where greed and materialism are king, it’s easy to forget the greatest blessings in our lives: our loved ones. Take some time to sit down and physically write love letters to your family and friends. And I mean old-school letters, not Snapchats, texts, or emails. Expressing why you appreciate and care for the people closest to you will fill your heart with love and gratitude.

4. Buy yourself a V-Day treat

Every once in a while, it’s important to buy ourselves a little somethin’ somethin’ For me, it’s the occasional flavored latte from Starbucks, but for you, it could be a bouquet of flowers or a freshly-baked pastry. We all know it’s often the little things that can bring us the most happiness, so don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time.

5. Catch some quality Zzzz’s

Um..duh, Tatum? But really…is there any better feeling than waking up after a great night sleep? I put a huge priority on getting enough sleep and aim for 7.5 to 8 hours every single night. Sleep is often the first thing to go when schedules get busy, but making rest a priority will set the tone for your life, determining if you will feel energized or sluggish and if you will stay healthy or be more susceptive to sickness. Loving yourself means not watching that next episode on Netflix and stopping yourself from scrolling through Instagram until the wee hours of the night. Your tomorrow early morning self will thank you, trust me 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Love your neighbor and love yourself.




Valentine’s Day Look

IMG_0264IMG_0309IMG_0218Valentine's Day Outfit | The Pace

Love is in the air! I’m typically not the girl to dress in red and pink (head to toe black is my jam), but there’s something about this time of year that makes me want all things girly. When I spotted this H&M dress, I knew it was perfect for V-Day. Feminine, simple, elegant and the color of love, the only thing it’s missing is a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine 😉

But let’s be real. This look would be nothing without these adorable polka-dot tights from Berkshire. How fun are they?! In addition to this outfit, I’ve been wearing these tights non-stop lately. No matter what I pair them with, they make me feel giddy and girly, which is totally my February vibe.

I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day a bit early with a dinner reservation on Saturday at Eric and my favorite restaurant (my mouth is already watering thinking about the cheese plates at this place!). How are you celebrating?

Wishing you all love and happiness during your V-Day festivities!

xoxo (double hugs & kisses for the occasion),


H&M dress / Tights c/o Berkshire

Vegetarian Super Bowl Snacks

Being a vegetarian has become insanely easy, especially in a city like New York. No matter where I go, I always have plenty of delicious veggie options to choose from (apologies to my friends who know that more options for this indecisive girl just means a longer wait for everyone’s hungry stomachs). But even as veggie-friendly this city and society is becoming, there is still one day when not eating meat can present a bit of a challenge: the Super Bowl. King of beer, babes, and buffalo chicken dip, this holiday leaves little room for the greens (even I know better than to bring a salad to a Super Bowl party). 

So until I find a way to pick around the meat on a BBQ wing, it’s up to me and the other veggies of the world to provide delicious options that will satisfy us during the big game and impress our carnivorous friends.

If you’ve had a busy weekend and are running out of time to find, shop for, and make an amazing dish for your Super Bowl party tomorrow, have no fear. I’ve rounded up some mouth-watering vegetarian snacks and apps that will be the perfect pairing to the best commercials of the year (oh yeah and that big game too 😉 ).

Paleo Guacamole Stuff Deviled Eggs

Vegetarian Super Bowl Snacks | The Pace

Eggplant Parm Bites

Vegetarian Super Bowl Snacks | The Pace

Olive Jalapeno Popper Dip

Vegetarian Super Bowl Snacks

Creamy Black Bean Taquitos

Vegetarian Super Bowl Snacks | The Pace

Healthy Spinach Dip

Vegetarian Super Bowl Snacks | The Pace

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Fries

Vegetarian Super Bowl Snacks | The Pace

Be sure to follow along on my Insta story, because you better believe my friends and I will be trying out some of these bad boys 😉



Love is love is love.

Love | The PaceLove | The PaceLove | The PaceLove | The PaceLove | The Pace

I love Valentine’s Day, but I think it gets a lot of undeserved hate. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or somewhere in the middle, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. With so much hate and conflict in our world, none of us have any reason to deny a chance to cherish and honor the love that surrounds us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love and passion lately and how sometimes, it takes something dark to bring these deep and intense emotions to the surface. The events occurring in our country and around the world are revealing the love and passion that lie within so many of our friends, family, and neighbors—both next-door and around the globe.

But in order for this love to truly come to life and grow into something greater than an emotion, we must listen. We have to pay attention to the demonstrations of passion and goodness around us. We must consider what is causing these emotions to be felt and actions to be performed. We need to take off our headphones and listen to the words of protestors telling their stories. We must understand the innate similarities that unite us, while also recognizing the differences that shape our individual experiences.

Love is love is love. Today, tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day, and next week. Listen to the love around you and give it the attention it needs to grow and make a difference.



Tights c/o Berkshire Hosiery/H&M skirt



Foodkick: For a Night In, Not a Night Off

Foodkick | The PaceFoodkick | The PaceFoodkick | The PaceWith my obsession for adventure placed against the backdrop of New York City, I find it very hard to sit around and always want to be on the move. But with this freezing weather and a bank account plagued by one too many overpriced cocktails, sometimes a night in is just what the doctor ordered. But friends, a night in doesn’t have to mean it’s a night off 😉

Last Saturday while the city was getting a sprinkling of snow, my friends and I decided to try out Foodkick, a same-day food and alcohol delivery service. We looked up some yummy drink and food recipes, ordered ingredients, and were in the kitchen shoebox preparing the night’s menu in just a couple of hours. Did I mention that none of us even had to step outside of the apartment?

Foodkick is perfect for nights in with friends, work events (lifesaver if you are the office errand-runner like this girl!) and parties of any kind. We were able to find every ingredient we needed for our recipes; from limes to mozzarella to orange liqueur, Foodkick has it all.

Oh and I know you’re eyeing those cheesy puffs of goodness and our draaanks, so check out our margarita recipe here and find the three ingredients to make these life-changing cheesy pesto crescents here.

Thank you to Foodkick for collaborating with me on this post. 

Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad

Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad 1Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad 2Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad 3Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad 4Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad 5

The holiday season is over and we have taken our first steps into 2017 (cheers!). Most people view the new year as a fresh start: a time to make resolutions and positive changes. In other words, now is the time of year for overcrowded gyms, long lines at the juice bar and plenty of “I’ll just have the side salad” at dinner.

I’ve already heard many friends and coworkers declaring that one of their resolutions is to eat more salad (welcome to my world!), so I have decided to share a go-to salad of mine that is easy to make, super nutritious, and delicious. This Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad is a great healthy lunch option and can also compliment a soup or stew at dinnertime. If you’re cooking for just one or two, make a big batch and enjoy throughout the week!

Roasted Broccoli Chickpea Salad | The Pace

Give this healthy salad a try and be sure to let me know how it goes! Connect with me on Instagram to share your photos and feedback 🙂




Never Settle


I’m often struck by the difficulty of maintaining a balance between gratitude and determination. When is it appropriate to want and strive for more instead of taking the time to count the blessings we already have? What is the difference between being content and being ambitious? Is it ever ok to settle?

This is something I struggle with a lot. I’m a strong believer that we should all be as in love with our lives as possible. We should be optimistic about what we have and where we’re going and we should push ourselves to achieve more. But this strong work ethic and positivity isn’t always black and white. The jobs that we accept in order to obtain the position we want in life can be brutal and soul crushing. The sleepless nights and tired days we fight through as we work to achieve our dreams are uncomfortable and unhealthy. Where is the balance between enjoying life as it is and pushing ourselves to improve it?

I think the answer lies in the honest questions only we can ask ourselves. But with the hustle and bustle of our every day routines, it’s easy to never actually take the time to assess our lives in such an honest way. Sometimes it takes the courage of someone else to bring us to call our own lives into question. This is my recent experience.

My boyfriend, Eric, has inspired me to ask myself these difficult and honest questions and truly asses my life, goals, and happiness. When Eric applied for the Peace Corps, he knew something in his life needed to change. He knew his work and career wasn’t fulfilling or giving him the opportunity to serve the world the way he wants to. When he was accepted into Peru’s Peace Corps program, he knew the risks he would be taking on in his personal, financial, and professional life in order to make the 27-month commitment, but his desire to make a change in his life was stronger.

The past couple months of digesting and accepting this upcoming change in both of our lives has been a whirlwind, but I’ve learned a lot about settling along the way.

I’ve learned to never settle for the things that we are willing to risk shaking the comfort of consistency for. I’ve learned that when we would rather experience discomfort and fear than continue on our current course, that settling is not the solution.

I’ve learned to be grateful for life’s gifts but to never forget the importance of honest confrontation as this is the only way we will know when a risk is worth taking. It’s the only way we’ll know when we’re ready to go through pain and challenges to make a change. It’s the only way we’ll learn not to settle.

This is what the Sock’M brand is all about. A few excerpts from their  ‘Never Settle’ credo sum it up best…

Even though it might be easier to follow the herd.

Don´t.  There are other paths.

Get up and fight for what you love.

The time has come to cut loose.

Because this way, and this way only, is the path to freedom.

Be honest with yourself. Ask yourself the challenging questions. Never settle.



Roses socks c/o Sock’M/Express Leather Pants